Brangelina soup


Brad and Ange have split

Are we meant to give a shit?

Breaking news they say

They’ve gone their separate ways

In Syria they drop bombs

Making new orphans for Ange

In Dublin all the talking

Is about the imposed walking

The bus strike keeps us on our toes

Worn shoe leather our biggest woes

In other news, here’s the scoop

Today I made leek and potato soup.






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Easter 1916 – Commemorative Edition

I’m so delighted to be part of this Easter 1916 commemorative edition of Live Encounters Poetry. Well done to all at Platform One Writers Group. Great writing and a wonderful publication 😉

Platform One Writers

Live EncountersLive Encounters Poetry – Reading The Lines Easter 1916 Commemorative Edition

“The idea behind Reading The Lines derives from William Butler Yeats’ Easter 1916. Poets  were invited to choose a line from this iconic work which resonated for them, either culturally, politically or historically. The chosen line was then given a new lease of poetic life, forming a transitional bridge from the now of 2016 to a century ago and the events which led up to or followed on from Ireland becoming a Republic.”
– Eileen Casey, Irish Poet and Writer

Click here to connect to Live Encounters where you can read or download this beautiful publication for free!
Live Encounters Platform One Writers Easter

Editor of Live Encounters, Mark Ulyseas, has served time in advertising as copywriter and creative director selling people things they didn’t need, a ghost writer for some years, columnist of a newspaper, a freelance journalist and photographer. In 2009 he created Live Encounters Magazine, in Bali, Indonesia. It

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Zippedy doo da

Z (1)


Zippedy- doo- da-zippedy-A

I can’t believe it’s the very last day

My blogging challenge has come to an end

I won’t even begin to pretend

That it has been easy, that it wasn’t a chore

Some days it was actually quite a bore

To tell you the truth it was a challenge alright

Coming up with ideas of what to write

Most days I was stumped, I hadn’t a clue

What to write, but I eventually came through

Now the end is here and I’m feeling sad

I thought I would be feeling so glad

I hope you enjoyed my AtoZ  journey

I couldn’t have done it without yer one Bernie

I’m not sure if I can do this again

Two blogs a day just hurts my brain

So farewell for now, don’t shed a tear

I’m sure I’ll be back, so,see you next year!  🙂










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You don’t bring me flowers

Y (1)


Dedicated to Bobby from Janine

(Shoving Connie around the green)


I never brought you flowers

Or a get well card

After your operation

As you lay in a hospital ward

I do feel very guilty

As you’ve always been there for me

On Mondays when I set up class

For my little Drama Beans

At Christmas you are always here

When you dress up as Santa

You make us laugh at your silly jokes

And your everyday banter

You know you always cheer me up

When we sing our songs

Even though you haven’t a clue

You get all the words wrong

‘You never brought me flowers’ you said

‘You know they’re cheap in Dealz’

‘No one buys them for me either’ I said

‘So I know exactly how you feel’

But Bobby I will promise you

When you are dead and gone

I’ll buy you those flowers in Dealz

You know the plastic ones?

I’ll drape your cross with rosary beads

Your resting place I’ll mark

I’ll make sure that they’re solar

So they’ll glow in the dark

Although the flowers wont be fresh

They’ll  survive all weathers

And like my memories for you

They will last forever

plastic roses




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X Factor

X (1)


Sharon dreamed of being a star

Singing songs, playing guitar

Supported by her backing crew

She’d strut her stuff in The O2

People would stare in the street

Fans would weep at her feet

Beyoncé would be her best mate

Bieber would pester her for dates

She’d have stylists and her own private chef

For Shazza there’d be nothing but the best

Her family knew there would be disaster

When she applied for the X Factor

Because in spite of all her dreams

Everybody knew it seems

That our Sharon was no Christina

In fact she sang like a hyena

They knew that Simon could be cruel

And Sharon would look like a fool

They tried to stop her, to no avail

And common sense would not prevail

As audition day drew nearer

She practiced in front of her bedroom mirror

Her da tried the direct approach

But Sharon seemed beyond reproach

Even though his words did sting

‘Sharon love you just can’t sing’

She flew to London on a mission

But didn’t get past the first audition

Our superstar wannabe

Never got onto  the T.V.

She came home sad and forlorn

Her hopes of stardom dead and gone

Back at work, pulling lager

No chance of ever meeting GaGa

But though she’ll never be BeyoncĂ©

She’s got good friends and a fiancĂ©

No Sharon will never be a star

But she  still sings and plays guitar

On Stephens green; case by her feet

You can hear her from O’Connell Street

And as far as the Three Arena

‘Cause she still sings like a hyena.







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Walter Mitty

W (1)

Walter lives an exciting life

And though he has ten kids and a wife

He goes on secret missions, but cannot tell

Sometimes I think his head will swell

With all the compliments he receives

From people that actually believe

His endless fantastic tales

Of killing sharks and saving whales

Once on a very turbulent flight

When  people were screaming in fright

He was the only one to remain calm

And safely brought the Airbus down

The details he did not discuss

Claiming he didn’t want a fuss

A famous actor ( name classified)

He met the night they almost died

Said he looked so dark and moody

He should be really in the movies

So he took lessons for one day

Then got the lead in a major play

What it was, no one knows

As the details he could not disclose

He really has a neck like brass

Setting up his his own drama class

He was injured once on a secret mission

involving heavy ammunition

That’s how he got his limp he said

When he was almost left for dead

But you know that the real story

Isn’t nearly half as gory

He caught his foot in his bicycle pedal

But God knows where he got his bravery medal

Because Walter, our super hero showman

Is none other than our local postman.







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V (1)


If your purse is feeling the pinch

And you fancy more than an inch

Why not head on down to Dealz

You’ll soon find out how it feels

When you bite the bullet, you’ll feel fine

They’re selling vibrators for  €1.49

dealz v

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U.F.C. I won’t dance, don’t ask me

U (1)

I won’t dance, don’t ask me

I am not your monkey

Nor will I act the goat

I wont promote

Is four hundred million not enough?

Just shut the fuck up

No longer will I take the blows

On your ‘Nobody gives a fuck morning shows’

I’m back in training, where I’m remaining

Out of sight, until my next fight

Time to be selfish time for me

And then all the world will see

I am not retired, nor was I fired

I won’t dance, not a chance







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T (1)


I’m thinking of getting a tattoo

Maybe a flamingo or an emu

Ostriches are too outrageous

I’m looking for something more vivacious

An angel or a butterfly

On my bum or my thigh?

Let me know what you think

Should the flamingo be pink?


flamingo .









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Sarah, our wonder woman :)

S (1)

Today I’m sharing again, a poem I wrote in December after my good friend Sarah died. Sarah had a great sense of humour and was always up for the craic and a laugh. This actually happened after her funeral when we were on the way to the club for her wake. I never thought I’d laugh that day but myself and  my friend Ciara really did laugh until we cried. I think Sarah did that, and so she is part of my AtoZ of crazy poems. Sure she’d have to be!  Miss you Sarah. xxx


Wonder Woman on the Tallaght By-Pass


Storm Desmond came in December

A day we will always remember

Our mood as grey as the darkened skies

A day we said our sad goodbyes

On our journey, few words were spoken

We were feeling so heartbroken

But, as we pulled up to the lights

We saw one of the funniest sights

An aul one fell down on her arse

In the middle of the Tallaght by-pass

She left her trolley with its heavy load

To chase two lampshades down the road

She caught one and we shouted ‘yay’

But then to our utter dismay

The other by the wind was whipped

And the poor aul sod she tripped

The wind raged around her at such a pace

It knocked her down onto her face

She lay there in a state of shock

…All that we could do was gawk

From the far side of the carriageway

On that stormy Saturday

We shouted but she couldn’t hear

As she tried to clamber to the Square

‘Missus will you  hurry up

Before you get creamed by a truck’

‘Don’t make unnecessary journeys’

Weather girl, Teresa Mannion said

Yer one can’t have been right in the head

Were lampshades such an urgent buy?

That she nearly had to die?

In Tallaght on that stormy day

When Dessie blew them far away

The lights turned red and we drove on

We don’t know what happened to yer one

The last we saw  in the howling gale

Was her clinging to the roadside rail

As tears flowed freely down our cheeks

And we laughed so much we couldn’t speak

We’re not evil, in fact we’re kind

And normally we wouldn’t find

Amusement in someone else’s pain

As they suffered in the cold and rain

Our sadness on that December day

Made us behave in such a way

We’d just lost someone that we love

Someone watching from above

The day that she was laid to rest

Our Wonder Woman, one of the best

Sarah turned our tears to laughter

As we watched yer one run after

Her twin lampshades that she had bought

They were never to be caught

I pray her injuries were minor

And the shades blew down to Crossmolina

Many journeys were made that day

The day our Wonder Woman flew away…


sarah mammy wonder woman





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