Y is for Yvonne’s house

I spent a lot of time in my friend Yvonne’s house when I was in school. Usually after we’d gone to some disco or another, I’d sleep over. We had some laughs back then.  🙂  I wasn’t laughing  this night though!

odd shoes

The missing shoe


‘Has anyone seen my other red shoe?’  I lay in bed pretending to be asleep as I heard my sister rummaging in the bottom of the wardrobe for the errant shoe. I knew the exact shoe she was looking for. I also knew she would never find it because it was most likely in a gutter somewhere in Terenure, five miles away.

I’d waited until she had left the house with her boyfriend before borrowing her lovely new shoes. I was going to a disco in Lakelands with my friend Yvonne.

We danced the night away and had a ball. Everyone admired my ‘new shoes’. I felt great.

At the end of the night my feet were killing me and I was delighted when were offered a lift home in the back of a pickup truck from some fellas we knew.

As we sat in the back of the truck, my shoes dangling from one hand as I massaged my foot with the other; one of the lads grabbed one of them and threw it to his pal. ‘Here Dave, see if this fits’ he laughed. Dave ducked, and the shoe whizzed past his ear, out on to the road.

‘Stop the car’, I roared, jumping up ‘please stop the car, that’s my sister’s shoe’. The driver of course couldn’t hear me and I watched helpless as he sped on leaving the lovely shoe in the middle of the road.

I stayed in Yvonne’s house that night. I couldn’t sleep a wink worrying about what my sister would say. Yvonne of course had a master plan. ‘Put the one shoe back in the wardrobe and say nothing’. ‘But she’ll know it was me, she’ll kill me’.  ‘She’ll never know you took them. Who goes out with one shoe?’ she reasoned. What did I have to lose?

The next day, I went home wearing a pair of Yvonne’s runners, with the one shoe in my bag.

I crept into the bedroom and taking the shoe from my bag I placed it in the bottom of the wardrobe as far back as I could; under school shoes, pumps and sandals.

A week passed and I forgot all about it until the Saturday night and Barbara was getting ready to go out. ‘Has anyone seen my other red shoe?’

Everyone joined in the search for the missing shoe, even me. ‘That’s a mystery’ she said. ‘I mean, who goes out with one shoe?’

one shoe




About trishnugentwriter

A wife and mother of four who writes and acts as much as she can in between the housework and shopping. I have been published in 'Irelands Own' 'Intallaght' and 'Tallaght Echo'. I have won prizes for poetry including 1st place in The Bealtaine Writing comp in 2012.I'm a member of drama group in 'An Cosan' in Tallaght and also 'Platform One' Writers group in Rua Red.
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2 Responses to Y is for Yvonne’s house

  1. carolannwrites says:

    Hah! Brought me right back to robbing my sisters’ things! 🙂

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