dublin airport

Dublin airport


The scene of so many welcomes. So many farewells.

The scene of so much happiness, laughter and tears.

The excitement of our first holiday away. Checking our bags in. Heading straight for the bar for drinks. Rushing to the departure gate at the last minute, almost missing our flight.

So many family holidays after that. Checking tickets, passports, foreign currency. Queuing up for security check in. One of us always got stopped. The moans as we had to remove our shoes, coats, belts and  jewellery. I swore, someday I’d arrive in my pyjamas. All that getting ready just to get practically undressed again in front of hundreds of strangers.

Weekends away with my sisters. The fear of flying turning us to drink. Five am departures, looking for an open bar after check in.

airport joan and annette

Knocking back Bacardi’s or wine at ungodly hours when all sensible people were still at home in their beds. Boarding our flight half scuttered. Holding hands on take off.  Singing the ‘Neighbours’ theme tune to calm the nerves. Sighs of relief when the seatbelt sign goes off. Deep breaths sit back and relax until the drinks trolley arrives. Up, up and away

The sad times, dropping sons off at terminal two for flights to Australia. They were happy.Looking forward to adventures ahead .I hugged them and smiled as I said goodbye. I cried all the way home.

airport vincent

The joy on their return, waiting for that first glimpse of them at arrivals. Listening to their chat in the car. I still cried all the way home.

Every Christmas, I waited excitedly for my sister Dee to arrive for our weekend away with Mam and the girls. I Picked her up outside the terminal so she could have a longed for fag after her long, long (40 minute) flight. In a blink, I was dropping her off after a weekend of fun and laughs. Special family times, never to be forgotten.

The mercy dashes last year in January and July as she rushed home to say goodbye to our two lovely sisters forever.

As we know, life goes on and flights take off. We will have many more happy welcomes and sad farewells.

Dublin airport for me will continue to be a place of happiness, sadness, laughter and tears.


airport terminal 1




About trishnugentwriter

A wife and mother of four who writes and acts as much as she can in between the housework and shopping. I have been published in 'Irelands Own' 'Intallaght' and 'Tallaght Echo'. I have won prizes for poetry including 1st place in The Bealtaine Writing comp in 2012.I'm a member of drama group in 'An Cosan' in Tallaght and also 'Platform One' Writers group in Rua Red.
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7 Responses to Airport

  1. Jacintha Ward says:

    Great start to the challenge Trish! Love your memories of Dublin Airport x

  2. Aarthi says:

    That’s so beautiful and heart rending at the same time. What a coincidence, I’ve written about airport (mis)adventures as well! Good luck with the rest of the challenge.

  3. All the comings and goings at airports are really pivotal moments, aren’t they?

    Happy A-Zing!
    Laurel’s Leaves

  4. auntyamo says:

    tears in my eyes lovely lady! x

  5. Cheers guys…Annmarie I cant find your blog tonight 😦

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