Dinner Dilemma



I never know what to do for dinner
Chicken nuggets are always a winner
Or maybe, Spaghetti Bolognese
We haven’t had that in days.
The daily question, what to cook
Opening the fridge to have a look
As if some dish would miraculously appear
Ready cooked and garnished,
Instead of tins of beans and beer.
Cordon bleu is not my style
Caviar would make me run a mile.
No, egg and chips would have to suffice
With hoola hoops, that’d be nice.
In a tin with ketchup, sure where would you be going
No need for all the puffing and blowing.
Some Italian chef would cringe at the use of pasta
But a minute in the microwave, what could be faster
All this wondering what to cook
I don’t even own a cookery book.
The shows on telly make it look so easy
But my chips always turn out soggy and greasy.
Not crisp and light, and fluffy inside
But looking like something’s just died.
My headache is starting up again,so
I ring the chinese, order chicken chow mein
With extra noodles and fried rice
I couldn’t cook anything as nice.
Of course you know, I’m no fool
I’m helping put the china man’s son through school.
If it wasn’t for the likes of me
The poor chap would never get a degree.
Why would I be dirtying my hob
Putting that poor chinese man out of a job.
He’ll even deliver right to my door
I couldn’t ask for anything more
I’d better go now and heat up the plates
Sure isn’t having an oven really great. 🙂

About trishnugentwriter

A wife and mother of four who writes and acts as much as she can in between the housework and shopping. I have been published in 'Irelands Own' 'Intallaght' and 'Tallaght Echo'. I have won prizes for poetry including 1st place in The Bealtaine Writing comp in 2012.I'm a member of drama group in 'An Cosan' in Tallaght and also 'Platform One' Writers group in Rua Red.
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10 Responses to Dinner Dilemma

  1. John Ivory says:

    Brilliant! Love the bit about egg and chips with hoola hoops!! 🙂

  2. cassmob says:

    I liked the hula hoops and eggs too but I especially like your generosity in putting the local take-away family’s son through school….very civic minded 😉

  3. Damyanti says:

    This is my everyday evening summarized!
    Damyanti, Cohost AtoZ2013

  4. Sheethal says:

    What to cook, is one thing I hear my mom says everyday!
    Beautiful summarized kitchen story.

    – A fellow blogger from A to Z!

  5. Thanks everyone for commenting,@cassmob..it’s nice to be nice 😉

  6. Ahahah hilarious….this is my favourite part: The shows on telly make it look so easy
    But my chips always turn out soggy and greasy.
    Not crisp and light, and fluffy inside
    But looking like something’s just died.
    It’s one of the questions I ask myself all the times!

  7. Ha, thanks for the smile!

    D is for Distractions! Blogging A to Z Challenge

  8. auntyamo says:

    putting the china man’s son throught school! hilarious x

  9. sirisha says:

    hahaha the delivery guys.. my saviours from the dilemmas too

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