Baby bunny by the Royal Canal

Day two of my A to Z blog challenge. B is for bunny…


Down by the banks of the Royal Canal
A baby bunny lay dying
Bob Angel Face Marley rescued him
Me, I stood there crying
His mammy was no where to be found
Although we looked for her
But sadly baby bunny died
A tiny ball of fur
Right there in the palm of my hand
Little bunny went to sleep
The rain then fell from the sky above
As angels began to weep.


About trishnugentwriter

A wife and mother of four who writes and acts as much as she can in between the housework and shopping. I have been published in 'Irelands Own' 'Intallaght' and 'Tallaght Echo'. I have won prizes for poetry including 1st place in The Bealtaine Writing comp in 2012.I'm a member of drama group in 'An Cosan' in Tallaght and also 'Platform One' Writers group in Rua Red.
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11 Responses to Baby bunny by the Royal Canal

  1. Oh this is so sad! I hope it’s not true of the gorgeous bunny in the picture?

  2. Lisa Wilton says:

    Is this true? Please let it be no… But, having said that, I must congratulate you on your skills. I am the world’s worst poet so I envy your skill. 😀

  3. Ruby Young says:

    Lovely poem! Thank you…I do so enjoy good poetry. Ruby

  4. Sadly the story is true, but the photo is not of the poor dead bunny. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

  5. Hi Trish, found you! Well done on the poems, rather you than me thinking up a poem every day!

  6. Thanks Madeline. I’m trying not to think of Z!!! :p

  7. tracykuhn says:

    I’m ok up until about I! This is sad and I do admire anyone who can ‘do’ poetry, my attempts always sound so pathetic.

  8. You Okay, Trish? Or is it me – i can’t find C to L ?

  9. I’m up to K Madeline.I’m very bold,haven’t done L yet :p Dont know what problem is. WordPress seems to be very temperamental this week 😦

    • Madeline says:

      Oh, that’s great- I didn’t see anything after B! I’ll look again more carefully! Madeline

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